Sell Property

Thinking of selling your home? Amy offers her clients a highly effective "Selling Is Easy!" Marketing Plan. The plan may include being listed on numerous highly searched websites, virtual tours, still photographs, and print advertising. If you're planning on selling your home in the next few months, call or email Amy, and she'll be delighted to present this plan to you. Or, if you are just thinking about selling your home, contact Amy for a free market analysis of your home. This FREE service is designed to help
establish an estimate of your home's current market value. Simply click on the Contact tab and fill in the Comment box requesting an “Online Market Analysis”. After an online discussion with you about your home, Amy will use comparable sold listings and her extensive expertise in the local market to help you calculate a fair market value of your home.

Selling a HomeSelling a House is a process of resolving many conflicting demands to your advantage!

To assist you establish a PLAN to sell you Home, we have come up with a 7 step process that will help you sell your home at the Highest Market Value in a time frame that meets your requirements.

7 Steps to Selling you House!

  1. Are you Ready to Sell?
  2. Select a Realtor
  3. Determining the Listing Price
  4. Marketing Your Home
  5. FAQs-Frequently Asked Questions
  6. Negotiating/Accepting the Offer
  7. Closing / Move Out

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